As far as Dating cafe is free of charge

As far as Dating cafe is free of charge?

What features are free of charge, and whether the Premium membership is a fair offer, you can find out here.

Registration Process: 3,0 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 3,0 /5 App: Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

The is free:

Profiling Profiles of other members, view All, New members can try Dating Cafe, a week-long free detail. As far as Dating cafe is free of charge would like to
Try it now for free.

The is not free of charge:

Messages to other Singles, send and read Private Chat invite to public Chat, use SMS to subscribers not to send advertising.

As far as Dating cafe is free of charge?

The Dating cafe is a platform on which especially those Singles looking for a partner that are serious and on a game have no desire.

As far as Dating cafe is free of charge of Dating

Since everyone must in the case of the application, a copy of the identity card one chicken, there are virtually no Fake Profiles. As far as Dating cafe is free of charge you see all
This is a considerable advantage compared to other single stock market in the first week of Dating cafe is free of charge.

Free access to Try out.

It is only rarely in the vast jungle of Online-Dating portals: Every user is allowed to access the whole of the first week all the benefits he gets, otherwise, only in the premium package.

As far as Dating cafe is free of charge The is not

So you can create your profile, a couple of attractive photos to upload and immediately start flirting. If you don’t give to let you know this week that you would like to have a Premium Account, you can use Dating cafe free of charge. After the trial week, your Account is transformed automatically into a premium account.

Photos and news in the Premium Account.

If you are using the Dating cafĂ© for free, can’t you see all the pictures of the members. The User can set whether all members or only those with Premium Account can see your photos. Also, private messages are reserved for paying members. This is true now for both men and women, after initially only the men were asked to pay .

Fair Pricing.

If you want to have after the free taster week of a Premium Account, you can decide whether or not he will have to pay month for month-to-month or a subscription is about to make, the runs of three, six or twelve months. The single month is, of course, a bit more expensive than the months in the subscription package, but who finds at the beginning of his dream partner, must not remain until the end of his subscription, logged in, and for a bit more not pay more, he needs it. As far as Dating cafe is free of charge the paid Premium package
Fair is that to the paid Premium package for the single month, renews automatically. Who wants to continue to flirt, must be after the end of the month know .

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