Silver Singles Test September 2019 – Serious Dating

Silver Singles Test September 2019 - Serious Dating

Silver Singles Test September 2019 - Serious DatingSilver Singles Test September 2019 - Serious Dating

Silver singles in the Test of September 2019.

Gender balance good menu guide, easy handling, free personality test level in the handling of the members would be additional “what if” proposals of a few special functions.

Registration Process: 3,5 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 4,0 /5 App: 4,5 /5 Practice Test: 4,5 /5.

Our Silver Singles Test.

People over 50 don’t have to meet in everyday life is always a suitable Partner. In the age class of the silver singles the person is already with both feet in life, often children and Exehepartner are available. A solid bond in this age group is associated with compromises and a lust for adventure, learning is exciting and exciting.

Silver singles is a Portal to the Start, which is aimed precisely at this target group in the year 2017. Looking primarily designed a long-term partnership, the proportion of women holding here is amazingly high. Thanks to a sophisticated, psychological test questions, the goal is to create the most appropriate partner for every Single .

Anyone who is registered here?

About 200,000 members of the peak age between 50 and 65 years, Slight female surplus, members are looking for a solid partnership silver singles is for the young, flirt, funny members thought that special for a serious life partner Here, people are looking with interest in real Meeting.

The target audience for the enjoyment of women and men over 50 who are looking for a solid partnership. At silver singles and you do not need to leave his fortune to the fate, but partner will receive proposals that are tailored to you .

How active the members are on silver singles?

Silver singles attaches great importance to the fact that a high level of activity among the members prevails. For this reason, the index will be placed corpses quickly on ice. Although the Profiles are not deleted directly from the database, it will not be proposed to other members .

Very friendly handling of the members is to highlight to each other. This may be due to a more Mature age, but also to the easy-to-understand Netiquette. It is common that messages are read from the receiver and answered, even if there is no interest. Of course, it may happen that a message sent, no response is made. This is our experience, however, to individual cases!

The registration process.

on the personality of tailored partner proposals extensive personality test silver singles is clear and the registration is easy.

To find yourself actively seeking a partnership, a separate Account is required. The creation and implementation of the personality test is free of charge.

New members should take 30 – 60 minutes of your time, because the initial Test is very extensive. More than 100 questions will be carefully answered. Top: The questions can be answered by a button selection or mouse click. The answer is, finally, created a personality profile, which is divided into the following five categories:

Openness Conscientiousness Extraversion Compatibility Neuroticism.

Premium members have the opportunity to view the personal profile of other users and to recognize Similarities. According to these five criteria, the partner will be selected proposals. So to prevent that introverts are associated with extroverted people, and after that, no harmony can be set .

After the personality test has been successfully completed, we will send the confirmation e-mail to the specified E-mail address. After a link click, the login is completed and the profile, construction can begin. The psychological test assessment is automatically added, other sections such as interests, questions about the own Person and the photo gallery will be designed by the users themselves .

Very practical: the photos can be easily uploaded via Facebook, the link is possible at any time.


Send Smile contact personal messages Detailed search filters to View the matching results.

The goal of silver singles is to bring together two people. When two Singles meet on the platform, and later, in real life, find love with each other, then everything went according to the wish of the operator. However, at the beginning of the first contact and can take place in two ways .

Silver Singles Test September 2019 - Serious Dating

Silver Singles Test September 2019 - Serious Dating

The possibility to send by clicking the mouse a Smile and show interest. Anyone who is shy can draw attention to themselves and hope that a positive response comes. Courage is usually better and so the best Option is to send a message. This will be sent through the Portal in real time, as soon as the send button was clicked, the rings have already been the postman.

The Match:

How well two people match each other, is displayed in the match result in the case of the silver singles. The higher the value, the more similarities there are. However, these are of course not the only criterion for whether the spark skips. In the end, only the sympathy and the certain to decide Something!

The Search Function:

Each user has to specify the way the search for the dream partner very carefully. In the following categories settings are possible:

Age and body size importance of age and body size distance importance of distance, desire for children, acceptance of children education and income, importance of education and income, Smoking and drinking habits, importance of Smoking and drinking habits, ethnicity, and Religion importance of ethnicity and Religion.

To note is that narrow set of criteria to narrow down the selection. And a little openness to the plurality of search results and the better the chance that allows a good partner proposals.

Profile information.

For detailed information, answering questions via text and standard information, Upload photos in the gallery custom field for the result of the personality tests are in the profile, The Profiles can be very detailed profile pictures are free to all users, visible.

The Profiles on silver singles are both very detailed, as well as meaningful. The profile is divided into four sub-areas. You can make a wide variety of standard disclosures under the item ‘Personal information’, so for example, how tall you are, your Religion, where you’re from, whether you’re a smoker, what Religion you listen to, and what languages you speak, or what is your highest completed level of education. Under ‘questions and answers’ you will have the opportunity to be in free-text fields to answer pre-made questions. This point tells a lot about you: What makes you Laugh? What do you like? What you’re looking for in a relationship and what is important to you?

In the field ‘gallery’ is free to you, and several photos of yourself. Behind the riders ‘personality’ will automatically be shown a summary of your results for the personality tests. Under ‘interests’ you can specify, what Hobbies you have, what are you doing otherwise in your spare time and what you are interested in.

We recommend that as many fields as possible to fill in. So you’ll stand out from the crowd and your opponent can get in front of the first contact, a detailed impression of you. In addition, information in the profile entry are always a good Conversation – there is a point where you ask another member again want to.

Free of charge in app stores available, All of the Features of the Website are also available here registration and personality test are also possible here.

Silver singles offers for all those who want to stay on the road, an App. This is free of charge in the Stores of Apple and Google Play can be downloaded. Who doesn’t have a Computer available, you can also register directly in the App and the personality test. Payments are also directly on the Smartphone developable. The App provides you with all the important functions, which are also available on the Website and delivery in our Test smoothly. Do not get confused: You can find the App under the name ‘silver singles’, in the case of the registration of the Name ‘silver singles will appear’ – you’re still on the right side, landed.

Practice test.

Silver singles is a unique Portal because nowhere else is there a psychologically-based matchmaking for Singles in the best age. Thrilled we were, especially in the size of the psychological Tests, because the questions relate to different areas of life. In this way, suitable partners can be, with high probability, generate suggestions that are sent for silver singles immediately after the evaluation .

Very interesting in our Test, the contact to “what-if” proposals. This is additional partner suggestions that the Match was only slightly different. It turned out that here too, nice contacts can result in more-than-expected.

Generally speaking, singles impressed in Silver, the high level of communication. Messages will be kindly answered, and if no interest, this is also communicated. It is clear that members here actually want a suitable Partner. Cleverly thought out, it was the bodies of the operators of the portal is the handling of index. These will no longer be displayed after a while of inactivity in the System. This ensures that it is in partner proposals to active members .

For the young Portal what is gone in 2017 at the Start, is the number of members already neat. Around 200,000 people, with a Surplus of female members, are already in search of a Partner. According to a statement from silver single self, a each week up to 35,000 new members that will actively go in search of the great love .

What is striking is the regular partner proposals are, on many other portals, the proposals will go to sleep sometime. Not so in the case of silver singles, here is always showed concern for me the fact that members can find each other. Of course it plays a role in how intense the efforts to the own profile. Silver singles offers numerous opportunities to represent themselves and upload photos. The profile structure can be carried out directly in the course of registration .

Very excited we were in the Test of the ease of use of the platform. All functions are virtually self-explanatory! The first steps are easy to overcome, the psychological Test is explained in advance, and children can easily complete.

The Design is modern, without appearing cluttered. The main colors don’t seem bright, but give the overall picture of a serious, adult based. From the main menu, all important functions with just a few clicks reach. New partner proposals will be displayed with a red heart, so that no interesting contact is missed .

All users of the help section is available that explains the most important questions. Here is also the point of contact are listed to the operators, the Support efforts are in place to respond to requests within the shortest possible time .

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