Visit-X Test in 2019, Only Fakes or real erotic

Visit-X Test in 2019, Only Fakes or real erotic

Visit-X Test in 2019, Only Fakes or real erotic

Our Visit-X Test.

Since 1998, the erotic has with Visit-X with a new face. Uncomplicated Amateur action with no regrets is to play in this Portal is the main role. Interestingly, the whole thing is not only for spectators but also for potential Camgirls and boys, wanting to earn some pocket money with the representation of the Cam .

The particular in Visit-X is that Amateurs and porn starletts giving the Jack in the Hand. Here you will find well-known performers such as Lexy Rox, but also beginners like the cute girl next door.

Known Visit is-X flickers most of the viewers already know from the advertising , every night from 0:00 at the welcoming entertainment on the TV screens. Thanks to years of experience, has established here a erotic portal, which serves with quality and style for a sensitive, intimate area .

Members of the structure.

Most of the members are logged in as the audience, are male. The performers are, in turn, a large part of the female. There is no information about how many Amateurs have registered in total since 1998, but there are far more than 150,000 Clips, and more than a Million photos are available to view. Every day new Content is added, so that it is at Visit X boring. Porn, there are also cheaper on the net, but the quality of Visit-X can be seen. In addition, the performers of Visit-X films are also personally available, it can be discussions on the Chat, or even sexy movies on-demand be rotated .

Registration process and profile creation.

Log in Visit-X takes five minutes and is free of charge, it needs only a valid E-Mail address and a nickname, which must not have more than 12 characters .

The profile can be designed, however, this is for pure spectator is not required. Many men leave your profile in the raw version, if you are not project itself as a Camboy active. The Cam is the relatively no matter, they deliver their Show and have little interest in the Background of the viewer. Only men who meet to Amateur performers wish to strive, should be mandatory to build a good profile .

The registration process only needs to be used if you wish to open an Account with Visit-X. If you have just a bit of fun like, but without a registration, you can sign up for the phone to immediately access decide.

In this Form of use, you call from your mobile or landline phone, a pay phone number and then enter a Code that will be sent to you on the screen. The Sexcam area is now unlocked for you and you can hear the lady on the other end of the line and see. As long as you get your phone connected, you can enjoy hot pictures. If you disconnect the connection, is also interrupted the Chat and there is no Transmission more.

Tip 1: Choose the right name! A good Name is the first step to many contacts. The Name can act as a deterrent or curious make, so choose smart. Men like “DominanterTom”, are more likely to be written as “GeilerTyp”, because the former says more about the personality .

Tip 2: The right profile picture can find! The profile picture is your calling card, therefore choose photo, what as many as possible of the time. Erotic is okay, were pornographic too much, because then there is nothing more to discover.

Tip 3: Fill out everything! You’re in the profile position, a lot of demand, therefore, you should take a few minutes. The more you fill, the more trustworthy you seem to others. The opportunities to use your profile to create a nice overall picture .

Tip 4: variety is fun! A photo is nice, ten photos are beautiful. A private photo album you can bring variety in your profile and ensure that more visitors arrive. If you bring your albums regularly up-to-date, you are holding the tension.

Tip 5: tell me who you are! Self-descriptions are not so easy to add to a perfect profile, you but. Tell the visitors something about yourself, how you tick, what are, and what physical benefits you bring with?

Contact options.

Basically, you can record to all the Camgirls via message contact. Using the search function you will find Amateurs to suit your taste. You visit the profile, you have the option to leave a message. In General, messages are answered promptly, often with a reference to the fact that you like to visit the Sexcam can.

Note, however, that doesn’t cost you any (Text)message to money- so you have to first top-up. Message costs, then, for example 19 or even 89 cents – this is from Cam Girl to Cam Girl different.

Visit-X Test in 2019, Only Fakes or real erotic

The Sexcams the main attention is paid to the contact. When you enter the Chat, you have various options for how you with the ladies communicate. The simplest Form is the Chat, where no image transfer is carried out. In addition, you can with the women in a voice chat to talk while your Show is on the Monitor can observe. If you want it, you can show yourself in front of the Cam, and during a conversation with the woman lead.

If a professional or an Amateur has uploaded a new Video or new images, there is the possibility of a review . You can assign up to five stars and a “comment” to add a review.

Design, functionality and usability.

The Design of Visit-X you can see, the dark shade of red gives the Portal a noble-erotic appearance. Even if porn at Visit-X play a major role, there is no hardcore material in the Navigation. Only inviting the preview images suggest, what lies behind the various headings .

Visit-X is easy to use, on the skin side are on the left of the navigation box, which can be explained by itself. From here, all important sub-pages control. The Cams are characterized by a high transmission quality, almost all of the Cams to transmit in HD.

Is the Cam on the transmission of sound back to the quality is used to be clear and the call is not aborted. Of course it comes with the image transfer, not only on the Visit-X, but also on the PC of the user. If you have a weak Laptop or a very old machine, have not, it may be that the Transmission is running perfectly. A modern device in conjunction with Visit-X provides you with visual pleasures that are worth their price .

Special Features.

Amateurs are looking for taste .

If you’re on your home page when you Visit-X, you have the choice between new Amateurs, Online Amateur and Top Amateurs, who are especially popular. You can see who is currently on the air or you’re looking for in all areas and leaves a message.

The Webcams.

The Central focus here is clearly on the Webcams, the quality is better than on many comparable sites and thus a high flow of visitors is generated. Positive: Even at three in the morning Camgirls here are still active, and lonely spectators dispel the loneliness in no time. During the Camchats, there are various options, depending on the actor active or inactive. It is the opportunity to speak directly with the Model via the voice transmission consists, for example. For this purpose, a PC with a microphone is necessary.

If you have even a Webcam, can’t you just watch attractive women in the Camsex, but even participate and you show. This way most of the cast provide, the third parties are not able to see your performance .

Erotic Videos:

With more than 150,000 video clips, Visit-X has a large database of erotic Material. Every day women and men high-download new films and make them available for others to use. You can use the viewer to purchase the rights to a Clip, if you bought it, you can see it in your Account at any time. The same applies to photos and photo galleries which you can buy with your credits access can. Many women are ready to turn to special Videos according to customer request, if you have with you, for example, via message contact .

Some women are looking for regular cast members, which you can use to produce new porn. As a user of Visit-X, you have the opportunity to apply for such a production. What are the women looking for rotary partners are the Slovak, Polish and Russian rule, the respective profile. The more descriptive your profile, and your application, the better your chances of success are .

Experience report.

The erotic portals, there are as the Sand of the sea, and so we were really curious, how, Visit-X, in comparison to other portals would be present. From the Design we were pleasantly surprised and thought with horror of the other sites, where shimmering advertising and poorly animated, naked people attention begged.

In Visit-X, however, a pleasant Design, which conveys eroticism and style welcomes you. The registration goes quickly out of Hand, the profile may be decorated. Who would not want to occur even as an Amateur, can enter in his profile the most necessary data within ten minutes and get started.

A pleasant way of not flooding the mailbox with messages from women who invite you to their private Camshow. We have around had the opportunity to meet us in peace, and have found that the ladies are almost every time active .

In the Chat-friendliness is a major focus of the women treat their viewers attentive and friendly. Wishes will be respected and questioned, the choice between a pure text chat, Sexchat, video chat and voice chat in almost all Cams available.

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